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Lippo Securities Holdings Limited (“Lippo Securities”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hongkong Chinese Limited (“HKC”, stock code: 655), a company listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “HK Stock Exchange”). HKC is a member of Lippo Limited (“Lippo”, stock code: 226), which in turn is also the holding company of Lippo China Resources Limited (“LCR”, stock code: 156). Both Lippo and LCR are also listed on the HK Stock Exchange. Lippo group of companies is one of the major Asian conglomerates with decades of experience in investing in the region. As at December 31, 2010, the consolidated net asset value attributable to equity holders of each of Lippo, HKC and LCR were HK$7.3 billion, HK$8.0 billion, and HK$4.0 billion, respectively.

Lippo’s business activities span across the Asia Pacific region. It has interests in a diverse set of businesses, including investment holding, property investment and development, immigration services, retail business, food business, fund management, project management, underwriting, corporate finance, securities broking, securities investment, treasury investment, money lending, banking and other related financial services.

Lippo Securities has been in the securities and futures business since 1983 and it has positioned itself as a regional private clients and institutional stock and futures brokers and investment advisors. It services its worldwide clientele from its head office in Hong Kong through a qualified and experienced team of dedicated and highly motivated professionals.

Lippo Securities and its subsidiaries (“Lippo Securities Group”) are active exchange participants of the HK Stock Exchange and The Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited. Currently, Lippo Securities Group holds four trading rights on the HK Stock Exchange and two trading rights on The Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited. Therefore, Lippo Securities Group can execute orders for both private and institutional clients efficiently, and at competitive rates. Flexible margin financing is readily available upon request. Through Lippo Futures Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lippo Securities, clients may trade Hang Seng Index Futures contracts to hedge their portfolio. Similarly, clients may also invest in the Hong Kong equity market on a leveraged strategy basis through trading in Hang Seng Index Futures or Options contracts.

Lippo Securities Group deals on behalf of clients in securities and futures contracts in all major markets around the world and has established relationships in fund management throughout the region.
Lippo Securities
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